Want to Create Your Own Home Decor Signs?

Hello, friends! Do you like inspirational quotes and stylish signs? I sure do!

Words have an impact, and surrounding yourself with uplifting, humorous, and sweet sayings throughout your home can’t help but elevate your mood. Not only that but they also:

  • Brighten your morning with a cheery quote in the bathroom.
  • Promote family harmony with team-building words in the den.
  • Deepen the romance with loving words in your bedroom.
  • Charm guests with warm words of welcome in your kitchen.
  • Enhance creativity with inspiring words in your office or crafting area.

When you start and end your day with that kind of motivation, everything sandwiched in between is a lot easier to manage!

Build a Beautiful World from the Inside Out.

You and I are in that select group of people who understand that this love of home and decorating is more than just pretty things arranged just so.

And when you include your family and friends in your projects, the results are even richer. Every time you look at the idea you and the people you love brought to life, you get the double joy of the beautiful result and the feeling of love and teamwork that went into making it.

However, sometimes it's hard figuring out exactly what supplies to use, or even knowing what to buy. There are so many different types of woods, brands of paints, and countless designs available, BUT which ones should you use?


The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Signs

Let Me Help You.

I know you've asked yourself:

  • Do I have to buy a lot of fancy new equipment just to make a sign?
  • Can I just use what I have on hand?
  • How do I clean this reclaimed wood that I found?
  • I messed up! How do I fix this mistake that I made?

Not only will I be answering all of these questions, but many, many more that you might come across in the future.

Whether you are just getting into sign making, want to polish your skills, or have a desire to master this popular craft, there is a chapter in this eBook that will meet your needs.


 What You'll Learn

  • What tools and supplies you'll need to create a variety of signs
  • How to use color, tips on typography, and where to find inspiration
  • How to clean reclaimed wood and what you'll need to prep your boards
  • My secret tips on how to create a professional and beautiful sign for your home
  • How to use a Silhouette CAMEO to create your own stencils with purchased designs or your own
  • How to frame your new sign with three basic framing techniques
  • How to fix typical mistakes and imperfections on your sign
  • How, when, and where to use signs in and outside your home

How to Use This Book

What's Inside the eBook?

PLUS, 30+ Projects that Include the Following Techniques

Why I Love Signs Soooooo Much

I discovered the design secret of uplifting and humorous signs during my 8 years in the U.S. Air Force.

My budget wasn’t large, so I had to become creative to get that instant “home” feeling no matter where Uncle Sam sent me. Without it, I’d be challenged to branch out and make new friends, become part of the community, or enjoy each new chapter of my life.

For me, decorating my space meant the difference between thriving in a temporary assignment and feeling like a fish out of water.

Attractive signs with my favorite quotes instantly turned my space into one that reflected my values, my hopes, and my dreams. And that made all the difference in how I lived my life.

After marrying my career U.S. Marine Corps husband and having our daughter, this personal habit of inspiring myself grew to creating words of wisdom and humor for my whole family.

Every visitor to our home commented on the design of our space, and it wasn’t long before people asked me to make signs for them. Before I knew it, The Summery Umbrella was born!

Now that my husband is retired from the Marines and we’re living in our dream home in the woods of North Carolina, I still enjoy making signs.


Here's what readers are saying!


  • Do the SVG project templates come with the eBook? Yes! You'll get every SVG cut file attached to a project.
  • Is this eBook really worth the money? Yes! This eBook is full of 30+ sign tutorials, countless tips and tricks, and not to mention is coming from a professional source that has already created 3,000+ similar signs over the years.
  • Can I use this on my phone, tablet and computer? Yes! This eBook can be read and enjoyed from the comfort of your desktop or laptop computer, tablet and phone. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat or another PDF compatible software package.
  • Will these same techniques work with the Cricut? Yes! All of the techniques will remain the same, and will definitely work with a Cricut as well. The only thing that will change is that within my eBook when I suggest using your Silhouette CAMEO to cut out your vinyl you will instead use your Cricut. Other than that, the techniques are geared more towards using different painting and material methods rather than just based on using a machine.
  • I have a different question. If I haven't addressed something on this page, please feel free to contact me at LZ {at} thesummeryumbrella.com and I will do my best to answer your questions.